Monday Portrait: amuseum

I have a complicated relationship with magazines, but my defence mechanism failed on sight of this one. amuseum can explain itself better than I can, but it irresistibly resists classification.

Praise for amuseum aside, the cover by Kristian Hammerstad provoked a 5 minute research project into monkeys & art. 

The tumlbr page Monkeys in Art History has provided an excellent introduction to the subject.

Skeleton of a monkey sitting on the stump of a tree, c.1730-32, 
From: W. Cheselden, Osteographia, or the anatomy of the Bones, 1733.

Lajos Kassák: Animal-collage, 1923

And before I put this subject away for the day, I googled "monkey as Hamlet" and of course there are pages of images.......

 Ape with Skull, by Hugo Rheinhold, c. 1893 CE.

Y, The Last Man. Now I can stop.

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