Site of the month: Kiosk Kiosk

KIOSK KIOSK is a New York based shop that sells products the owners have picked up on their travels. It is truly worthy of the overused term 'eclectic'.

IS GREAT BECAUSE  they sell pretty much anything. That is not to say their tastes aren't discerning, far from it. Sourcing products from around the world, Kiosk Kiosk are particularly good at finding unusual objects that are often beautiful and occasionally practical. Expect to find multi-coloured pipe cleaners, a traditional Japanese carpenters knife and 'Nun calms', a German remedy to alleviate nerves.

Arguably the best thing about the site is the highly entertaining approach to product descriptions, Kiosk Kiosk subscribe firmly to the 'why use one word when you can use 5?' school of copywriting. We would particularly recommend the $28 fly whip description HERE.

OUR FAVOURITE PRODUCT IS the American Lottery ticket (actually from Sweden) which is as beautiful as it is useless to the average person. Wouldn't it make a fantastic necklace?

The Kiosk motel-style key ring came a close second. It is stamped with their details and a promise to guarantee postage.

The theory is that if you lose your keys, some kindly soul will pop your keys in the post, you call KK and eventually you get your keys back. Very clever.

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